2022 Louisiana State University 
Bachelor of Architecture
Minor in Architecture History
Work Experience
Intern Architect
Street Collaborative | 2021 - 2022
•Worked full time during the summer of 2021 and 2022 and have been working part time during my final year of college.
•Gained  extensive experience communicating with and managing clients, contractors, and manufacturers.
•Worked at length on technical detailing
•Worked at length on measuring and producing base floor plans and elevations for existing buildings. 
•Produced designs and renders for multimillion dollar RFPs
•Worked extensively in the construction document phase on residential, food-service, commercial, and phased
 charity projects.
Oyster Shucker
Half Shell Oyster House | 2020
•Worked through the summer of 2020 during the pandemic.
•Learned to shuck and charbroil oysters!
Line Cook
The Beach House | Summer 2019
•Worked through the summer of 2019
•Promoted from Dishwasher to Prep Cook to Line Cook
Intern Architect
Kravet LLC | 2017-2020
•Worked on and off as a summer intern following my highschool graduation
•I worked primarily on drafting new commercial and residential work as well as a large historic renovation project
•Worked closely with Principal Architect
Church of the King | 2015 - 2017
•Worked heavily and directly with customers building experience with customer service
•Learned the compositional differences between lattes and cappuccinos
Louisiana State University
Class of 2022
•2022 Bachelor of Architecture with a minor in Architecture History
•4 year president of the student organization SHiPs (Students for Historic Preservation)
•Founding member and leader of LSU's School of Architecture mentorship program
•4 year member of LSU's Architecture Ambassadors program
•Graduate of the LSU CXC program with the title of "Distinguished Communicator"
Lakeshore High School
Class of 2017
•Graduated with top honors
•3 Year Low Brass Captain in the Fightin' Titan Band
•Host for Lakeshore's Daily Broadcast
Leaderships Roles
Lakeshore Fightin' Titan Band Low Brass Capitan
During my time as a the Low Brass Capitan of my highschool band, I was in charge of managing the students in my section both inside and outside the classroom. Weather it be a football game, Mardi Gras parade, or formal performance I was trusted to worked directly with my section to both teach and guide them. I served as a conduit and reinforcer of our Drum Capitan's and Band Director's orders as well as fellow musician facing every challenge alongside my section.
President of LSU's Students for Historic Preservation
As president of LSU’s architectural preservation club, SHiPs (Students for Historic Preservation) I've have had the great pleasure of hosting classical order drawing classes with preservation experts, giving our members hands-on in-the-field site analysis work with preservation architects, hosting architects and experts for guest lectures, and connecting our members with professionals to build opportunities in their own career. In this process I have gotten to meet and learn from a fantastic range of experts in preservation even beyond the realm of architecture. While many plans during my tenure were disrupted by the pandemic, I nonetheless continue to take pride in what SHiPs has achieve and will continue to archive.
•Distinguished Service Award form the Lakeshore Fightin' Titan Band
•Inclusion on LSU's President's List
•Inclusion on LSU School of Art and Design's Dean's List
•4 time Elected President of LSU student organization Students for Historic Preservation
•Special recognition among peers for my work in After Effects
•Awarded the William R. Brockway, FAIA Scholarship in Architecture
Computer Programs
•Proficient in AutoCAD
•Proficient in Rhinoceros 3D
•Experienced in Grasshopper for Rhino
•Proficient in Adobe Illustrator
•Proficient in Adobe Photoshop
•Experienced with Adobe After Effects
•Experienced with Microsoft Suite
General Skills
•Creative and iterative design processes
•Physical Model Making
•Digital Model Making
•Photo-Real Digital Rendering
•3D Printing
•VR Operation + VR Experience Building
•Laser cutting
•Oyster Shucking and Charbroiling
•Presentation and Communication skills

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